Thursday, December 29, 2005

We have blood!!

I have been making a habit of going for a walk with JiXiang every day now.
Yesterday we went for a walk down the road area in front of our place and she had a great time. I realized that if we go out around high noon it is warm enough that she does not need to wear her snow suit, just her warm jacket, so she can walk much easier.

Well today we went out again and she had a staring match with the dog down the road and I showed her how to throw rocks into the water drain thingies. She enjoyed that. Then she met the cats across the road and the grey one let her touch him. It was her first time touching a cat so she was pretty thrilled by it.

-sugoii (Japanese for: great, excellent wonderful, or wow)

She said a few times.
Yes my daughter speaks Japanese but that is another post.

Then she fell.

Actually she did a sort of slow motion face plant and cut her upper lip.

There was blood.

JiXiang’s first drawing of blood.

She screamed very loudly.

I scooped her up and brought inside, opened the door and went:

  • We have blood!

  • (Li came whipping around the corner) What did you do?! What happened! What did your bad mom do to you?!?!

What ever. (Imagine a tongue sticking out and going ‘plfff’.)

I giggled away about the whole thing. Her teeth were fine and it was only a minor upper lip cut. We washed it and JiXiang demanded full pity points from both of us. I gave her a little baby Tylenol to deaden the pain slightly and explained to her how this was sure to be the first blood letting of many incidents to come. Considering that she actually JUMPED off of the damn coffee table into the pillow pile yesterday, ya, I am sure there will be much more blood in the future.

I fed her some milk and she fell asleep. She just woke up and I took a picture of the offensive lip. You can barely tell. She has not made any comments since she awoke.

It is actually much more red than it looks in the picture.

(sure enough!! As I post this she has crawled/fallen in between the crack between the sofa and the stereo while reaching for her toy. Crying only lasts long enough to get sympathy then she is off again.)

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