Monday, December 26, 2005

Pillow Talk

     G - the girl in this story
     B - the boy in this story
     BG – the little one asleep in her bed area beside G and B

     B and G are lying in bed almost asleep. B suddenly decides he is hungry and needs a snack. He jumps out of bed; leaving G’s back exposed to the cold air, and grabs an orange. He peels the orange in the kitchen and then brings the orange into bed with him.

G: Ugh! Now it is going to stink.

B: What stinks?!

G: The orange.

B: The orange?!

G: I like oranges B, just not in my bed. Now all I can smell is orange.

B: Realllyyyyy…

B eats the orange with one gulp and closes in for a tickle session mixed with orange laced kisses. The giggles muffled as best as possible so as not to awaken BG.

G: Stop, stop stop, I am going to fart.

B whips over to his side of the bed.

G: (pfee) (fart) (pfheeeeeeee)

B: AUGH!!!!

G: Ahhh that smells much better.

And they slept happily the night away.  

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