Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lets talk about TAX

Ok, I am going to let myself be attacked here because I really want to know what you think.
Right now Canada is heading into an election and a cutthroat campaign. One of the topics, as usual, is tax.

Now taxes are always coming up in elections and sometimes I am a tad confused how to react.

Here is the question:

Based on the services that your government provides (provincial/state and federal) do you think you are over paying or under paying in taxes?

I would like to know about all countries out there.

My answer.
I am not complaining. I hate paying but I enjoy what benefits I am given: local roads, health care, social services, basic police protection, etc. This is for Japan. BUT if the taxes were raised I would expect just a bit more in services.
In Canada I felt the income tax was a little high but I never complained about GST.

I would really like to know how you think.

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