Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What is your job skill?

Continuing my blog blurb on jobs.

Getting a job when we return to Canada has been another small stress in the back of our brains. We have not really dwelt on this problem much seeing as we don’t even have our foot in the Canadian door yet. Grr.
Way back when Li and I first decided to move to Canada the idea of finding a job was MUCH more important. I did a ton of job searches and found some perfect jobs. I sent out some resumes and actually had an interview lined up at an ESL school for when I arrived.

Well that bombed. We thought we would be in Canada 6 months ago: now we might be here for at least another 6 months. I still have that job contact in my rolodex so we will see.

My father went all annoyingly ape about finding a job way back when we decided to move. He is now on the getting a visa problem and my mother has switched to the finding a job problem. Just last week she sent me a care package of job related pamphlets and a bag of Carmel Kisses.

(Li’s reaction was: Why is your mom sending kisses? I give you all the kisses you need?
Cause chocolate rules my dear.)

I have been a tad mind diverted as of late and only just checked out the pamphlets she sent. They are kind of interesting and some of you may find them useful.

The main pamphlet of notice is titled Jobs, Workers, Training and Careers. It is put together by the government of Canada and contains a very interesting website address.
Now the job information is Canada related, but the career goals and choices information is relevant to ANYONE. It is quite interesting.

There are some very interesting links.
The first thing that caught my eye was the iQuizzes section. You can try the Career Quiz which helps you identify the type of jobs that are best suited to you based on your basic motor skills, interests, abilities and preferences.

They all help you identify your strengths. It was quite interesting for me. Some of the job results were no real surprise, but imagine the giggles that erupted when it told me I could become an immigrations officer. HAHAHAHA!!!

Then there is the The Essential Skills Equalizer area. This area lets you know how good you are in things like, reading, numbers use, text use, computer skills, oral communication and basic thinking ability. The results are a little surprising.

Then there is the What is Your Favourite Subject area. This helps you combine the study subjects that interest you with a relevant job. I wish I had had this site years ago, as this was one of my main problems with study and job future stuff. Being bored was not on my list of requirements.

There is even a Resume Builder at the top, but you have to do a free log in.

There is a ton more info on this site. The home page is here.

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