Sunday, November 06, 2005

An understanding glow

JiXiang has reached some sort of milestone in baby development: she no longer considers books a form of food.

It has been quite interesting watching her play by herself lately. She has been grabbing her baby books and has finally figured out how to turn the pages. I was beaming happy when I saw her do this for the first time. Recently she has been talking to the books and pointing at the pictures. She actually looks like she is telling her own story.

The other day I saw her holding one of her Japanese baby books and running her finger over the Hiragana (alphabet): she had this look of deep thought on her face. I pointed at the letters and read them out for her. She never looked at me, just kept running her fingers over the letters and talking to herself.

Lately she has been quite fascinated with one of her Japanese books. She has actually been fascinated with two specific pages: the title page and the first page.
It is a fairy tale book telling the story of the Bamboo Princess. I actually do not understand it all: it basically has to do with this poor old man finding a little baby inside a bamboo. He and his wife, both childless, raise the baby as their own and are very happy. When the girl grows into a beautiful young woman the local prince asks, demands, her hand in marriage. The girl refuses and turns into a beautiful white crane and flies away leaving a pile of gold for the old man and woman.
On the title page there is a picture of a bamboo shoot with a baby girl inside and a golden glow around her. On the first page there is a picture of only the bamboo with a much larger golden glow. JiXiang keeps running her finger over the golden glow and talking to herself. I have actually seen her flip back and forth between the title and the first page. I am actually getting the impression that she is wondering what happened to the baby from the title.

She has also been letting us read a book to her past the second page. Before she would try to eat the book before you turned the cover, now she waits a bit before taking over and doing her own turning. That or she gets bored and heads off to a different toy.

Yesterday I bought her another Baby Einstein DVD. It is the Numbers 1-5 DVD. It is designed for kids one year and over but I decided to buy it anyway.
She thought it was great. She was dancing along to the music and slapping the coffee table. Sometimes she would clap. At other times she would look back at you with this little smile and check that you were watching too. I am especially happy about this DVD because I can choose between Japanese or English language.
Li is now checking the Internet to see if he can find Chinese based ones. He was complaining that her baby babbles sound very Japanesey.

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