Sunday, November 20, 2005

Recorder concert

Yesterday JiXiang and I went to a concert.
Li was supposed to take Ji but at the last minute he changed his mind and decided that having her would make it too difficult to study. I just about killed him. I barely arrived on time due to the sudden packing I had to do to bring her with me. Good thing I am so organized.

I was dressed up a little bit. Generally there is never any reason to dress up in Japan and here they don’t dress up for things that I am accustomed to looking nice for:
Going to a play
Going to a concert
Going to a nice restaurant
Going to a work party, especially Christmas.
And so on.

Usually Li and I feel a little over dressed at these things but it is what we are used to doing and both of us consider it respectful to dress nicely for these types of events. As this was my student’s concert and I consider her a friend, I dressed nicely but not too much. It also makes me feel good. That ‘I am a woman’ feeling.

Anyway, this was a recorder concert.
The entire band was recorders.
No it was not boring.
There are about 30 people in this band and the only instrument is the recorder, thing is, there are about 16 different types of recorders. Some are as short as a piccolo and others are MUCH taller than a man. The only other instrument is a simple drum played by the conductor for a few songs. They play classical and pop music and it all sounds great.
This year the song that Hideko complained about the most was Jupiter.
-It is sooooo hard. Dududududududdududdu as fast as my finger can go. SOOOOOOO hard.
Sounded pretty good to me.

Ji fell asleep during the first half but stayed awake through the second half. I fed her her afternoon meal during intermission. She sat like such a perfect girl while eating and watching everyone going by. She was totally thrilled because we were sitting in the balcony area. I knew that she would find that much more interesting and I was right. When she first arrived she was leaning against the railing (with her pants firmly gripped) and jabbering away about all the people below her. She was quite fascinated with the instruments but was not totally sure where the noise was coming from.
She was a perfect kid until the last two songs and I decided to take her out into the lobby and finish listening with the lobby speakers rather than attempt to prevent her from talking.

She later pushed her stroller into the elevator and made all the girls giggle over her.
Later we met up with her daddy at the Chinese restaurant and she pigged out on chyahan (fried rice) and on the tofu and egg in hot and sour soup.

After that we decided to check out the toy section at Seiyu (aka Wal-Mart) and I was drooling all over the cool kids toys that Li would not let me buy.
Ji was much more interested in sticking her fingers up her daddies nose.

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