Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ramblings and a monkey

I don’t know where my students are right now, but I am not going to track them down.
I have actually been able to almost catch up on my overloaded in-box. I have been so crazy busy this week my mind has almost made my head spin off. That and I have caught a cold. Last night I had a minor fever, and yesterday and today I feel like total crap.

On a positive note, Li’s medical papers have finally arrived in Manila. I emailed the Internet sheet to myself but I think I actually sent them to someone else as my brain is so screwed right now.
If you received a very strange email from me with an odd attachment could you please send it to my work address.
I am an idiot.

(The lost students just appeared to cancel. {Sigh})

On a VERY positive note, on Wednesday JiXiang walked two PERFECTLY balanced steps TWICE. She walked at daycare a few weeks ago but at home she has not done more than one step. During my English class on Wednesday she was totally showing off to Aiyumi and she walked to perfect steps, turned her head towards her and flashed the biggest grin, then she sat down. Not 20 minutes later she walked a perfect two steps again letting go of her daddy’s hand to walk then grabbing it again. Major heart swelling proud moments for Li and I. I was beaming.

Then during the same lesson she became a very disruptive freak:
She climbed onto the table,
She ran (holding the table) and deliberately slammed into Aiyumi for a bear hug,
She screamed bloody murder when Li took her away from us,
She figured out how to push the top of the pen and make the ink come out.

Aiyumi gets the full family experience during English class and has a great time practicing her conversation abilities.

Then on Thursday the daycare ladies wrote in Ji’s book that she got into a bit of a fight at school.
(Only 9 months and she is giving me heart palpations.)
The fight was not instigated by her. It seems that I have a child that will not back down if confronted.
Now I have not decided if this is a good thing or not, Li is very proud about it. I keep getting visions of Ji when she is 13 and like this: they are not the happiest visions.

It turns out that one of the kids tried to take away a toy that Ji was playing with. Well Ji was not going to just let go and then start crying. OH NO! She refused to let go, started screaming murder, her face turned red and the little picture that the day care lady drew had smoke coming out of Ji’s ears. She then proceeded to start hitting and I was asked to trim her fingernails a little more often.
What can I say; Ji was born under the Chinese zodiac sign of monkey.

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