Sunday, November 06, 2005

Mini Day

One of my students drives a Mini Rover and

He is one of those Mini enthusiasts who spend all their extra cash on their cars.
When he received his last bonus he had his tire bumpers pained white. He has already decided that with his winter bonus he is going to get it pained a British Racing Green and have a Union Jack painted on top.
On his dashboard he has a collection of about 7 little toy cars attached that are all different classic Minis. He took a picture of them and brought it to class for me to see. Whenever he goes somewhere he takes a cell phone picture of the car and where ever he is at.

He is single.

Last weekend he went to a Mini Day convention of sorts.
OVER ONE THOUSAND MINIS all in the same area.
They were about 90% Rover Minis with a few of the BMW Minis and a couple of classic British cars added for flavour.
They had some races and had lectures on the care of your mini. There was a shopping area as well.
He bought a Mini decal for the front fender of his car and a Union Jack flag to attach to his window and fly the next time he heads down the freeway.

I thought us horse people were crazy.

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