Monday, November 21, 2005

JiXiang's Shoe

Last night we got yet another letter from immigration that put my stress level over the top.
I am not going into it because it is not worth it right now. Lets just say that my rage was reduced to tears and I woke up with two more VERY WHITE hairs on the top of my head.
Thankfully they blend in with the strange blond streaks and don’t stand out too much.

Last night I told Li he should consider taking his bosses lifetime job offer. He instead said he would look at another way for him to have a job for at least half of next year. Doesn’t help when I am out of work, though. I am starting to think we will be here for yet one more year. Actually, I am pretty sure of it after last night’s letter.

With all the shit that is going on with this immigration crap, today Japan gave me yet one more reason to stay here forever.

JiXiang’s shoe.

Yesterday, when I picked up Ji from daycare, I put her shoes on like I normally do. I have started putting on her shoes when she is on the bike more for some protection from the cool air than for walking. Into the bike she went and we headed off home.

A totally normal ride home with our normal babbling about our day to each other. Nothing eventful there.
Except for noticing, just before turning into the driveway, that Ji had managed to kick off her left shoe.
Kids shoes are not cheap and I was a tad annoyed by this.
I had agreed with myself, when putting on her shoes at the daycare, that this was the last day for this particular pair of shoes. They were getting snug and snug shoes on a growing babies foot is not safe. Time to move on to the next size: this will put my 9 month old into size 13cm shoes.
She still has big feet.
But the shoe was still perfectly good. I have a future niece or nephew on the way that can inherit them, as well as a potential other child of my own in the future. That or the damn things could be sold at the recycle shop for money.
So ya I was a little annoyed that I never noticed Ji kicking off the shoe.
I live in Japan. People are always dropping thing around here and good Samaritans are always hanging jackets, scarves and keys on the nearest post or ledge for the owner to find them. I was counting on this to reclaim her shoe.

Ji and I made sure we took the exact same route to daycare today that we came home on yesterday.
Sure enough, there was Ji’s shoe sitting all pretty on the flower planter in front of the old mans newspaper shop.

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