Thursday, November 17, 2005

Clinging baby ideas

In an attempt to deal with the clinging baby I tried two things:

Last night:     
     I did not put her seat belt on when I put her in the highchair. I had to keep a much closer eye on her but she seemed to like the idea of not being strapped in. She lasted MUCH longer and almost finished eating before she raised a huf. I also noticed that she would really love to be involved with dinner when Li and I are eating. The problem with this is that Sometimes we eat a little late and at other times she has already passed out due to a very active day at school. She needs to eat and I cant make her hold out for another hour and a half to wait for us. I give her some of what is on our plates if she is awake when we eat.

Then this morning:
     I was able to eat breakfast because I turned on Baby Einstein and she was totally engrossed in it.
I Love Einstein!!

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