Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cinnamon baby

I love my kid I truly do, but she is going through a clingy time right now.
I have been reading other parenting blogs and know that I am not the only one with a clingy baby.

(((This too will pass))) speaks the god voice from above.
Yayaya shutup.

Don’t get me wrong; a part of me loves her being clingy. Ji spends all day at daycare and the fact that she even knows that I am her mother and wants to be held by me is a wonderful feeling.
The fact that I am a working mother makes her clinginess an extreme annoyance and very time consuming.
On weekends I have more time for this. She doesn’t care that I need to do things; she just wants to do them with me. I discovered that she is quite happy to tag along in her carrier while I clean and do laundry. We both enjoy it and have lovely conversations while she is on my back.
On weekdays this does not work.

For the past three days JiXiang has REFUSED to eat dinner in her highchair. She starts out just fine, but about two minutes in the food is being flung onto the floor and an ear-piercing screech from this tiny human fills the entire building. I attempt to do the tough-love idea and make her figure out that she must eat dinner in her chair.
This lasts for about another minute until my nerves can no longer take it.
For the past few days Ji will only eat, and as slowly as possible, if she is sitting on my knee. She happily eats her veggies, rice and fruit, slurps up her puréed livers and stews, all the while discussing her day at school.
I, meanwhile, can no longer wash the breakfast dishes or put the dry ones away. I can no longer make the rice for dinner, throw some clothes into the laundry, draw Ji’s bath and prepare for my evening English class.
For the past few days I have been doing this in a whirlwind flurry when Li gets home and he wants to cuddle Ji. But then even he can no longer cuddle with her as he needs to cook and Ji cannot go into the kitchen while he is cooking. Usually the bath is ready by that time and I am able to relax for 10 minutes in the bath with her while he cooks dinner.

Last night I just gave up and canceled my English class saying I have a cold (which I do). Regardless of how well Ji eats, food ends up on the floor and there was no way I was going to get the floor cleaned before my student came.
This morning I was not even able to get the bed made and suffered through her clingy demand scream long enough so I could swallow a cup of yogurt for breakfast.

Ji made things quite sweet smelling last night though.

Ji plays with the spices. I gave up on stopping her MONTHS ago. The spices are never used as Li never uses them and I never cook. I really should just chuck them but I keep on keeping them for the possible rainy day when I MAY cook. (snort)
She bangs the bottles, rolls the bottles and carries them around. They don’t harm anyone or her.

Well last night she got the damn Cinnamon bottle open!!!
All over the floor and all over her.
At least it smells great.
She of course had to be involved in the cleaning up part and I ended up with cinnamon handprints all over my sweater and jeans. Ji had cinnamon snot running down her face. She was quite proud of herself.

I have no idea how she got the damn jar open but I think I need to find another spot for the spices now.

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