Thursday, November 03, 2005

At home Daddy

JiXiang’s DAMN bronchitis is back!!!
I was ranting to myself last night calling myself the worst mother in the world. I am the one who thought she had gotten better; I am the one who thought she didn’t need any more medication. I am the one who was toying with the idea that she might have allergies instead. I am the one who is a bloody idiot.
I have gotten over all of that though.
Now I am just all worried about this damn cold that wont leave her alone.

On Tuesday morning this week JiXiang was not in the greatest of moods. She wouldn’t eat her breakfast and I brought her to daycare with a big question mark hanging over my head. I talked to the daycare ladies about her and told them to call if they think she was not coming out of her down mood.
Sure enough, they called at 10:30am and said Ji just was not a happy girl, could I pick her up. I got off the phone with them and immediately made a doctors appointment for her.
I picked her up at noon and then brought he to her doctor. She didn’t have a fever, but her cough had returned, and she had not eaten well so far that day.
He gave her some simple antibiotics and we went on our way.

(There is this little voice in my head that thinks the trip to Tokyo might have flared this all back up again. The dusty dirty air from the city did not do her little lungs good.)

Yesterday I picked her up from daycare and she was crying away and had a temperature of 38.8. I was pretty worried about that. The daycare ladies asked that JiXiang not go to daycare the next day as they were worried about the other kids.
I was worried about this sudden fever. Problem was that it was Thursday and my doctor is closed on Thursdays. I did not want to go to the hospital and deal with a different doctor. I decided to do a slow bicycle drive-by to see if by some off chance the doctor was open for some odd reason.
I was a little worried that I was over stepping my bounds in the whole Japanese acceptable scale, so called them first. I have not even the slightest idea as to what the nurse lady said to me over the phone so I just walked in.
Well my doctor was there, yaa, looked JiXiang over and had the nurse ladies make some more medicine for JiXiang. The pharmacy was closed so they used their emergency pile. We doubled up on the antibiotics and added another cough medicine to try to control that.
I have no idea why he was open, there was only one other kid there, don’t care really. Ji got to see her doctor, my mind was put at ease and medicine was given.

I was still dealing with the daycare problem though. I have taken a lot of time off the last few weeks because of her cold and basically pushing the acceptable margin for canceled classes and leaving work. I really did not want to take another day off.
Li called his boss and told him the situation: boss said ok, soooooo…..

Li is now at home and is going to experience his first full day with JiXiang.

I am happy and worried all at the same time. Li has spent a few hours alone with her but never a whole day.
I shouldn’t be worried, Ji behaves much better when she is with her dad than with me: she sleeps when she is supposed to and eats better. With me she knows that I am a milk factory and she has a habit of eating little and often.
I spent the evening and this morning worrying about having everything that Li could possibly need for Ji on the table, cell phone is charged and everything will probably go so smoothly I will actually be pissed off.
Sad but I think deep down I would like him to call in a panic begging me to come home and rescue him.
I know it wont happen though.

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