Thursday, November 10, 2005

All my cousins

Got another picture the other day from my amazing crazy cousin Mike.
He has more guts than me. I cant post a picture with this computer, but lets just say that he is a rock climber and crazy.

This has me thinking about my other cousins. I have a pretty big family and love them all. I am feeling a little out of touch these days being so far from them all. This is what I know about them.
I would love for some family members to fill in the blanks for me or update the information. I would like to know how everyone is doing.
Soo lets see, I will try oldest to youngest but I am sure I will screw that up. Hehe

  1. Sean: my understanding is that he is somewhere on the east side of Canada, happily married to a woman that my dad said ‘was a very nice lady’. He has a daughter who is now probably 14 and taller than me, and a new son that I have not yet met.

  2. Paul: living in Vancouver and not yet married but I have no clue about his single status. I can tell you that he is extremely tall and that my husband is still telling people about how bloody tall he is.

  3. Mike: he is the crazy climber who just returned from South America. Here are his amazing pictures from that trip. As far as I know he is still doing some schooling and trying to climb as much as possible. I know he has a pretty cool girlfriend named Andrea (different pronunciation) who is probably a much better teacher than me because that is what she went to University for.

  4. Derrick: I think I spelt his name wrong which is very embarrassing. Hehe He is even taller than Paul and puts Li into spasms when he tells people here about the two of them. He is the tennis player who got the tennis scholarship for the University of New Orleans. Ya that has not been the best experience so far. My understanding is that he is doing things online now but I honestly don’t know where he stands with the University problem.

  5. Bronwen: I think she might be older than Derrick. Hmm. She was doing some sort of book keeping studies at university and I think she has finished but I am not positive. I do know that she enjoys cross-country skiing and probably has an ass of steel seeing as she lives way up in the 100Mile area of BC. They actually have snow. She is also MUCH taller than me.

  6. Veronica: She is the amazing piano player who is studying music at a University in Vancouver. I have not seen her in years. She was always the quiet one but something tells me she has changed a hell of a lot since the last time I saw her. I really hope to see her soon after our return to Canada. It would be nice to catch up with her. That and she can teach JiXiang to play piano when she is a little older. Hint.

  7. Mathew: I know that he belongs in the group of overly tall boys. (Why did I end up a bloody midget in our family?) He has not yet finished high school and I have no idea what his future plans are. He used to be this little boy that would hide in front of the TV at Christmas, but when we went to Canada a few years ago he was there and a TOTALLY different person. We talked and talked. I had never had a conversation with him before. It was nice.

  8. Kristina: She might actually be older than Mathew now. Kris has been an amazing marvel and light in our life. She is not quite a quadriplegic and has had huge glasses for as long as I can remember, but she loves to go to her choir group and has a simple job that makes her so happy. She has the most beautiful honest smile you could ever receive.

  9. Stuart: The last boy to add to the HUGE list. In fact, he may end up the largest of them all, which could put him at over 6foot 6. That is CRAZY! He is still in school and may now be in high school. He is the taikwondo champion, football crusher, swimming star and basketball forward. Basically a little of everything and he does it all so well.

  10. Daniel: She is not a first cousin; she is my cousin’s daughter. She is an amazingly beautiful tall dark featured girl. I honestly have no idea what she is doing with herself but she must be in junior high by now.

  11. Katie: Actually, I think it is Katarina. She is a beautiful girl who is in elementary school and is probably giving her teachers constant headaches trying to find ways to challenge her. She is one bright little girl.

  12. Sara: Possibly spelt wrong. The youngest of the cousins and the most flamboyant. Sara lights up a room with her slightly strawberry tinted hair. She can be in every place all at the same time. She has one of those angel faces, and loves to sing. She blew me away a few years back when we went for a walk to the park and she sang ‘Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer’ in perfect key. I sound like a drowning duck.

I have many second cousins (they might actually be third) on my mother’s side of the family but I have never really met them. I could not point them out to you. Being in Japan has made me realize the power of family that much more and I would like to rectify this oversight when I return. The sad thing is that they actually live in my town and are even horse people, just a different discipline. Pathetic on both our parts really.

I have tons of second and third cousins in Germany and Russia whom I have never met. Actually that is not true. I met Veronica and Ralf (sp??) years ago when they came to Canada for a few months stay. I know that my sister had met them all and I am so happy about that. I think that my father has finally met them all as well as Aunt Lydia and Aunt Ingrid. I don’t know about Aunt Monica or Uncle Ron. I know that my grandma Olga continues a constant letter and telephone vigil keeping in contact with them all. One day soon we will have to make sure that we join her in that vigil so as to not loose contact with anyone.
I think there is some family on my mother’s side in England but I never hear about them. I think my great-aunt Dorothy keeps contact with them. Going to have to look into that.

When I read this over I can actually nod my head with pride:
I have one pretty awesome family.

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