Thursday, October 20, 2005

October's EkiMae Matsuri

Saturday, October 15, 2005
I brought JiXiang to the doctors again.
I am not happy with the progress of her cold; it is not getting worse but it is not getting better either. We go again on Wednesday after work. This shitty weather is not helping.

Later I brought Ji to the EkiMae Matsuri. The rain had held off most of the day and the matsuri people were making the most of it. Rain was predicted for Sunday so they were having as much fun as they could this day.
One of my students and his family were taking part in it and I wanted to watch them.
Ji and I first headed to the little park near our house to check out the swing and other playground things. The swings were made for little kid asses and I now have purple bruises on my butt cheeks (ouch!) but I found the horsey thingy and that is were I took the picture posted just below this. Ji thought it was pretty cool.
Then we did a quick detour to the dollar store nearby just for a looky loo. Found Ji a big giraffe stuffed animal and this hammer type toy that makes a squeaky noise when you bang it. She loves this toy.
Then we headed to the Jinja where the Matsuri group was going to dance. They were not there yet so we deaked down a few roads to find them walking down the street pulling their yatais and doing their
-Yada yada yada yoo yada yada yada yoo.

Ji thought this was the greatest thing she had ever seen (she has seen them before but was too young to really have fun with it) and was yelling
-ya ya ya ya!!!
right along with them, and banging her hammer toy to the drumbeat. She even started stroller dancing. Made some older ladies laugh out loud. We followed the parade for a bit then detoured to the jinja to get ahead of them and watch the dancing.

Got to see my student’s daughter and mother do some dancing.
His mother was dressed all crazy with her face painted a scary white.

JiXiang tried to dance along with them. She loved it.

Then it started to sprinkle and I decided enough fun, gotta get the sick kid under cover. We sprinted home and Ji has been yelling
-ya ya ya ya
ever since.

Here are some pics - EkiMae Matsuri

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