Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Movie recomendation

Another canceled English class and my in-box has just been emptied. Today is a blaa day. I wrote posts about my weekend but they are sitting in limbo in the draft section waiting for blogger to allow me to add pictures to them.
Something to write about….

Li down loaded an EXCELLENT movie on Saturday!!!
Ya I know downloading is illegal but when you have a crazy 8 month old who is determined to be walking before she is 9 months and does not like to sleep, watching movies at home is a blessing.
We watched
The Brother’s Grimm.

Have ya seen it?
Huhu hunhu have ya huhu?


Don’t even know who the actors were. Don’t care. It was great.
I loved how they intertwined all the different folk tales together. I giggled constantly as each little fable popped up.
The gingerbread man was great.
The wicked witch was wonderful.
Everything about this movie was superb.
I am pretty close to giving it a 10 on CaliGirl’s scale but have to give it a 9 because 10 seems like too much.
I love it and I recommend all to go and see. I want to watch it again. I think Li still has it on the hard drive and I might watch it tonight if I can get the computer from Li.
Li had a hard time with it as he didn’t know all the stories but I was smiling the entire time.
It is actually making me feel better thinking about it.
I think I will actually buy the DVD.

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