Monday, October 24, 2005

More Embassy events.....

The letter from the Embassy arrived on Saturday morning while I was at the cheap baby store buying JiXiang her push toy.
Li just about passed out when it came.

Not from joy.

The embassy sent the letter by DHL mail. They charged us to send it, of course.
It would have taken two days longer and cost only ten bucks to send it by EMS mail.
Inside this giant DHL package was one SINGLE sheet of paper.
I quickly sent Li to the corner store to get it photocopied and then I mailed it by express (3bucks) to the doctor in Tokyo.
The lady phoned me on my cell phone Monday morning when she got the letter.
Bad news; we have to go to Tokyo for two x-ray pictures.
Li kissed ass and I took a paid holiday; we are going this Friday. Hopefully the weather is good. The Tokyo tower needle thingy is right across from the doctor’s office and I wouldn’t mind going to the top to see the view. Ill bring my camera, of course.
It will be JiXiang’s first Shinkansen ride. I could leave her at daycare but I cant guarantee when we will be back. With her we will have to ride reserved seats only as there is NO way I am going to be pushed into the smoking car due to a packed train. If we have to wait an hour to get a seat then fine we will. There is a bookstore across from the Tokyo station that has Chinese and English books. (That could actually be a bad thing. Hehe)
Li and I were discussing this last night before my Monday night English class ladies came. (They come mostly for a dose of Ji. She wipes all their work tensions away and they leave all happy. ) Li was ranting about the 50bucks, and then ranting again about how long it was taking. He was giving me a headache. He then started asking me the millions of government questions that I cannot even phantom answering. This just got him more wired. He then asked how long it was going to take after the x-rays were done and I told him that the Internet site says 6 months.
He just about dropped dead from a heart attack.
He has FINALLY clicked in as to why I have been freaking out about money and jobs the last few months.
He is a little slow sometimes.

-But you have no job in six months.
-I know.
-I have no job in January.
-I know.
-I know.
-What if they want more papers and it takes longer?
-I know.
-I know.

This just got him going again. He then proceeded to instruct me to keep my eyes open for a potential new job and blaa blaa blaa. His brain was going a million miles a minute as to how he was going to be able to make money with his shitty Japanese visa restrictions.
Surprisingly, I remained calm and pretty blaa about the whole thing.
Last night I was actually in a state of not giving a shit if we go or stay. This is probably a good state. Keeps me calmer.
My friend Cheri said that I shouldn’t worry as I am pretty tenacious and don’t give up very easily. True, but I have been trying to figure out why I am heading back to Canada.
I know I am going so that JiXiang has more opportunities and access to family. I am going so that Li has the opportunity to expand and use his talents the way I know he has the ability to do. He is held back in Japan and stifled in China.

But why am I going?

Still working on this answer.

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