Thursday, October 13, 2005


Why do I have to sneeze all the time AFTER I have just put on my mascara?

Irony is all too evident in regards to my job right now.
The boss said no more English section, yet in this month’s newsletter he did a big ‘Gambate’ (try hard) to the staff to keeping their English levels high.
Then, IMMEDIATELY after my manager finished my bad meeting telling me that I had no job and that the English program was being canceled, a guy from the recycling department slid around the corner into my classroom. He had been waiting for the meeting to finish so that I could PROOFREAD his English poster presentation.
Then yesterday I was SWAMPED with proofreading and checks for 4 poster presentations, two speeches and two power point presentations, ALL BEFORE LUNCH! (totally cut into teaching times) Why? Because SONY was doing a sudden visit with ALL of their international affiliates. The entire meeting and tour was in English.
And yet they still want to cancel the English department.

Li says I should stop worrying. It is not my problem it is theirs.
True, BUT I have been here for almost 6 years and feel great pride in the fact that our international customers and communication has improved greatly since the English program was started about 10 years ago. I have also been teaching some of these guys for the entire time I have been here. I have seen them go from a Toeic score of 500 to some of over 900, yet I know they do not have the time to study in their supposed free time and will have no opportunity to speak English and practice unless it is with a customer (not a good time to practice).
Oh well.
Instead of worrying I am going to write another long blog about JiXiang speaking.

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