Thursday, October 13, 2005


I guess it was in the beginning of August that JiXiang started saying:
She would say it when she wanted attention. She would do a, usually, fake cry, hold her hands up and go:
-JiJi bwvbwvbwv JiJi bwvbwvbwv.
(spittle flying)
It was really funny. My mom giggled away at it.

Then she started doing ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’, but not often and basically with no meaning. The words were not really directed at us. Li has been desperately working with her to say ‘papa’ and a few weeks ago she popped out with a perfect one but she hasn’t said it again. Li is still trying.

Well last week she popped out with a perfectly pronounced
That made Li very happy. She has said it a few times now and seems to even know it is her name that she is saying. She answers almost immediately when you call her name, unless her mind is focused on a toy. Call her name and she will immediately turn her head and smile at you.

A few weeks ago, while giving JiXiang a bath, I swear she said
‘Honto’ is basically Japanese for ‘Really?’
JiXiang is constantly talking in baby babble. She has been exploring the sounds she can make with her tongue and teeth lately. I swear yesterday she was telling me all about this fight she had with this boy at school over a toy. Ji lost and was pretty pissed about it when I picked her up last night. She was going on and on the whole way home and she sounded quite miffed while she was babbling.
Usually while she is babbling away I pretend to understand her and answer with things like:
-That is interesting.
-Why is that?

‘Really’ and ‘Honto’ are probably my most used words. I am sure that it is used often at daycare as well.

Well on Wednesday after work I had to pick up Li’s suit. I had to get Ji first, so I had my hands full at the store where the suit was. I got it then headed back to my bike. Ji was not cooperating very well and was being a pest about putting her legs into the bicycle seat. I had one hand holding the suit and the other a babbling and giggling baby. I finally get her sitting just as this lady walks by
-KAWAIIIIIIII!!!  (so cute!)
She pops out.
JiXiang turns her head at her and goes
I had the giggles the entire way home and still get them when I think about it. She said it with the perfect up swing voice indicating a question and tilted her head in just the right way.
(Full snorting laugh.)

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