Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blog Surfing Recommendations

Really bored so blog surfing is starting.
I did a little bit the other day as well and I found a few blogs that I recommend you check out once and a while. I think I am going to add them to my links list soon.

The first is a lovely woman from Jamaica. It is amazing how we all experience the same ups and downs regardless of what country we are living in. She calls her blog:
On The Edge Of War

Another young lady I found is Asatteka. She is going to school and studying English in Washington, USA. The state not the city. Her English is very good already and she has some great views of the world. She calls her blog:
Asatteka’s Message

Then there is one that I will probably add to my ‘Hmmm Blogs’. This guy is from India and he calls his blog Gender Politics. But he is writing with a very different view being from a different culture and religion than what I am used to. It is interesting. Don’t know if I agree with all but another view helps to fill in the gray spots a little.

So if you are bored check them out, leave a comment and keep them part of our blogging world of craziness. We are a different type of community. I know some never seen before bloggers better than some of my childhood friends.
That is a little sad.

HEY! Maybe more of my friends should start their own blog!! HINT!

Cheri – the hells of the adoption process, the wait and the great adventure after. There is a WHOLE community of bloggers sharing their feelings about this.
Heather – you have so much you need to get out. This can help. Helps me.
Cori – the doggy kids of course!! Horses, dogs, cats, husbands and soon to have human children. Sounds good.

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