Saturday, December 16, 2006

Santa dancing on a tile floor under a chinese light

ToddlerJi is having a nap right now.

She just got her booster flu shot and was dragged all over town by me. She was a great girl though and even helped me carry my purse into RONA while I was carrying two giant rolls of tile wire for returning.

Today she even visited Santa and had her picture taken with him. Mind you this was our second attempt at this as the first time Grandpa and Granny took her and she turned into Velcro baby as they were walking up to him.She was all excited before, then lost it at the thought of going near him.

For todays picture I had to be in the picture at my total unlovliest and ToddlerJi had to be given a candy cane to stop her from crying. Not the most beautiful photo ever but one with lots of memories in it.

We had lunch in the food coart, she was a little princess and then went to the lighting store to pick up our chandelier for the dining room. When we were in China this year Li had his eyes searching ALL the stores for those traditional Chinese latern lights. We didn’t find any until our very last day there and we lucked out big time! They were made of wood and glass!! No Plastic! Shocking! And CHEAP! They also came in perfect flat travel boxes. We bought two and the lighting guy in town charged me $25 to attach a light fixture inside with a chain so that it can be hung in our dining room. It looks really good and I am really impressed. Li is really happy about this.

Our house is going to be soooo Chinese looking – red walls with a Chinese lantern.

Hmmmm so the painting is done and it is a beautiful job. I am so happy with it. I need to get the window coverings in order now but it is all coming together. The contrast between the red living room and blue kitchen is so wicked but works really cool. Once the flooring is all in place it is all going to tie in together so nicely.

I need to buy door twangy things to keep our walls door knob dent clean.

The tile is being laid as I type this. It is going to look so sharp. EEKK! And the carpet comes on Wednesday. There are a few little things to do after that but it is all coming together nicely.

Except for the fridge problem. I have a very limited space area where the fridge can go. My main measurement problem is the depth which is very small and giving me a massive headache!! But I have a new stove and dishwasher.

Cell phone rang – the flooring guys and dad and telling me to make my beer run a tad bit faster. Lol gotta go.

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