Sunday, March 12, 2006

You have too much Yang!

(update: title change - it is my yang that is out of wack, not my ying.)

I feel like my head is going to spin right off if I don’t hold it in place.

I just finished two straight hours with one student walking him through, and basically writing, a speech for him that he has to give in English on Thursday. Today is Monday but he hops on a plane tomorrow morning. My brain is wired for sound from trying to make this as painless as possible for him, not worrying about perfect grammar and trying to find easy words for him to speak. AUGH!
And they are canceling the English program here!! Stupid!

I have no idea when I am actually going to be able to post this.

I had all these grand plans to go on a beautiful walk through the countryside yesterday but it rained.

I was pretty upset that it rained but in retrospect the rain was actually a blessing in terms of my entire mental state of mind.

Saturday was an extremely busy day for me. I needed to get as much as humanly possible done on Saturday because of Sunday’s walk. Everything was working out great: I had made a list on Friday night and all but one thing on the list was done. (The one thing that wasn’t was because they don’t work on Saturdays!)
By early evening I thought everything was done and I could relax: then the phone rang.

This was a great and wonderful phone call that also brought a large amount of work.

A short while back Li had gotten the recycle people out to our house to tell us what they would take and what they wouldn’t. They said they would take almost everything but at a price so low it was almost not even worth selling. Many of the prices were quite bloody insulting actually: my 600dollar, mint condition, one-year-old display cabinet for only TEN BUCKS!

So ya, we were a little miffed and decided that we would much rather search for foreigners or Japanese people who needed this furniture for boarder line free rather than let the recycle people have it and then jack up the price in their store. At the picnic a few weeks ago our prays were answered by the arrival of a very nice family from Australia who had literally gotten there the day before and were living out of their suitcases in their new apartment that had ZERO furniture in it.

Well hello!! My name is Andrea and boy, do I have a deal for you!!

I don’t knew who was happier, them or me.

They have been at the mercy of friends with a truck and a phone so were not able to get a hold of me until Saturday telling me they were going to show up on Sunday morning to take what they could that fit in the truck. Li and I had already decided that we were capable of living with almost no furniture if it meant getting it out of the house.

The problem was that I was sooooo nooottt ready for them to show up.
I did this whirlwind freak show dumping my bookshelf things all over the closet and stacking them. Then I had to empty the clothes drawers into boxes and clean them out. This resulted in a large number of dust bunnies with feet and a headache due to the huge rabbits bouncing around my apartment.

ToddlarJi (her new name according to Dongurigal) thankfully went to sleep at a lovely hour so I was pretty much child free well I did all this.

I woke up far too early, but I had to, on Sunday to get ready for the walk. ToddlarJi I had to leave by 9:15am and the people were arriving for the furniture just before 9:00am. Li had been forewarned so was mentally ready to get up and help.

It rained.

This resulted in a whirlwind of emails to contact the people who were going on the walk. Patty thankfully phoned me and talked to me about the plans. Basically, if I was going childless the weather was ok, not wonderful but acceptable: with a child it was just stupid. I am not sure if the others went on without me, I stayed at home and sent out a truck load of furniture.

They were very happy with their load and after they left I had the vacuum cleaner out chasing around some more rabbits from hell. By some miracle ToddlarJi slept through it all.

Li went back to bed for a few hours after Ji woke up and basically things were normal house cleaning and Ji playing. Li was downloading the New and Last Jet Li movie.
I knew that my stress level had reached a danger point when watching this movie.
First, I barely watched any of it as I was majorly multi-tasking doing things I don’t even remember any more.
Then, it was only in Chinese with no English subtitles.
AND STILL I cried.
It is a very good movie and I cried in two separate parts of it telling Li that I was just fine only tired.

My body has basically given out this last week.

I got flu on Wednesday,
A major sore throat on Thursday,
Closely followed by what my wonderful commenters think is a sty in my left eyelid.
The sty is almost gone but now I have cold sores (and I NEVER get them) on the right side of my lip.
Li being the most observant husband only just noticed them on Saturday and pointed them out as he was leaving for work.

A: Ya I know.
L: You are too hot inside. Your Yang is too high.
A: No I am pretty sure it is stress.
L: No, no, no, it is your yang. Your ying and your yang are not good.
A: No, I am pretty sure it is stress from having a husband that sleeps too much and isn’t helping with the packing.
L: No, no, no that is not it. You are too hot. Don’t eat oranges: eat apples.
A: What ever! Say bye-bye to daddy Ji.
J: ai ai.

Extra side note:

If any of you have the time Granny could sure you some more emotional and moral support again: Too many sick people in her family. I am not sure how she handles it all.

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