Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The cuteness that is Ji

  • She has learned how to blow bubbles in the bathtub.

  • She does a perfect Japanese nod of thank you and you’re welcome when she hands you something like a mashed up cracker.

  • She tries to grab the computer mouse all the time and move the arrow all around. (Wait! This is really annoying.)

  • She must close all doors behind her.

  • She is learning how to relax and let us help her float in the bathtub, but when we are helping her float she puts her fingers in her ears to stop the water.

  • She likes to press her one ear up against the bathtub wall and listen to the strange sounds that are within but plugs her other ear so she can hear better.

  • When she is angry or making a point she will babble away without us understanding a single word but nod her head in a defiant, humph, when she wants to put emphasis on her babble rant.

On an extreme negative side I have been considering getting her checked for bipolar brain problems. DAMN!! Can that girl ever pull a temper tantrum!! She would make any gymnast envious the way she can flip right over back wards and smash her feet and legs on the floor.

Last weekend she had the two bottom vampire teeth coming in and I witnessed more temper tantrums in two days than I ever want to in my whole life combined!!

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