Sunday, November 27, 2005

Weekend Ramblings

Gotta phone the doctor in Tokyo in a couple of hours to see if there is a way to wrangle all this crap without me going to Tokyo as well. It will save us about 150bucks if I don’t go. The problem is Li’s English reading abilities.
Gotta work on that.

Actually, last night I had a sudden brain fart while making JiXiang’s bath. As of January Li is out of a job. He is going to search hard for another one but will most likely end up with something part time. I asked him if he would consider attending English classes with our teacher friend Yoko, or possibly, actually, willingly, learn from me starting January.
He is considering.
He is not too keen on studying anything really. His Japanese test is this weekend and he has been working hard on that. He admits that he has a bit of a grammar problem but his listening and kanji score is very high.

(I just had a class with one of my industrial resin students. He is off on a business trip to Toyota as I write. Very cool. He works with future resins and stuff that the Sci-Fi movies talk about. I cannot dwell into it, as well, it is secret, but I can say that I LOVE the way Toyota thinks.)

On Saturday Ji got her 9/10-month check and her first DPT shot (Diphtheria, Tetanus and I think Polio). She was an excellent girl and only cried for about 30 seconds, then went off to play with the toys. She got an excellent on her check up and a happy mom.

After that, I got my nails done and had a lovely time with Rika (the nail girl), then Angela showed up and we did a bunch of catch up talk. We hadn’t seen each other for a while. I do love going to the beauty salon. Hehe

Then we were off to the Bangladesh Curry Restaurant. Li, Ji and I met up with Kim, Jean and baby Rae for lunch. We had a great lunch and tons of talking. I ordered mild curry so Ji was able to eat some as well and she ended up pigging out. (I am getting hungry talking about this).
I have this list of about 4 restaurants that I always go to now.
Because we are very friendly with the owners and they tend to whisk my kid out of my arms as soon as she has eaten, leaving me hands free and able to eat myself. I love these people and return often, so then love me.
Ahhh. Service.

(I just got off the phone with the doctors office and have a little bit of good news. They are going to send me, by mail, all of the papers that Li will need to have filled out. I can then fill them out properly and Li will be able to go by himself. YES! I don’t have to go. I am happy and sad.
Sad because I just discovered that there is a giant Snoopy Exhibit beside Tokyo Station all this month. Hehe I am pathetic. )

After lunch we ordered our new years cards. I had Abby take a family picture of us that looks pretty cute. We ordered 65 and I think I have a couple of extra ones. If you want to be on my list make sure you email me your address so I can send it to you. Family people please do not assume that I have your address. Actually, Kris and Erica, I have no idea what yours are.

Yesterday was a relax day. Li and I took turns sleeping in. He went first, of course, while I bathed, fed and played with JiXiang. After a bit he got his ass out of bed and I got another hour of nap. Did me a world of good. I felt pretty perky the whole day.
We basically did nothing yesterday but relaxed.
We did watch a stupid movie last night:
The 40 Year Old Virgin.
I think that was the name.
Stupid movie but damn did it make me laugh. On the CaliGirl scale I give it a 4 due to stupidity but a 10 for making me laugh non-stop.
At one point Ji was breastfeeding and I started laughing so hard that she started laughing right along with me, which made me laugh even more. I had tears running down my face and the worst case of the giggles.
Ya, yesterday was a pretty good day.

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