Friday, October 07, 2005

My baby is sick (*snif*)

The last two nights have been hellish.
JiXiang has not been sleeping well. She has a very stuffy nose that I am NOY allowed to touch, and has been coughing something fierce.
She doesn’t cough much during the day; mostly at night.

She has had medication the last few days that require two people and a straight jacket to put into her mouth. Kid is not cooperative in this area.
The doc wanted to see her again for a check this morning. No problems.
The Doc wasn’t thrilled with her coughing and listened to her chest for a long time. He then stared at her chart for what seemed like a long time and was mumbling to himself. He then did a deep throat swab that freaked her out.
It worked though.
He put it under the scope and found our problem.
I am not lying when I say that my eyes just about popped out of my sockets when he said:
To make matters worse the little virus to create pneumonia was present but not yet active. He showed me all these little black goggle looking things on the computer screen.
The good thing is that we are on this right away. He gave her some stronger medicine and if she sleeps really badly tonight I have to bring her to the docs tomorrow, on a SUNDAY, first thing in the morning.
No problems there dude.
I was still in shock.
He thinks that she will be better tonight and will start to show obvious improvement by tomorrow.
I hope he is right.
I have to take a morning holiday from work on Tuesday morning though.
All these holidays are getting expensive. Thank goodness my students are so understanding.

This is just another reason to leave Japan; the humidity is bad for your health.
JiXiang was not the only kid there coughing like this, and due to the fact that his picture and medical explanations page was already set to pneumonia I wouldn’t be surprised if there were other kids there just as sick.
Due to the non stop air cons and the high humidity level, bronchitis and walking pneumonia are VERY common here. My friend Janet also got bronchitis when she was here.
Oh well, another weekend spent inside keeping the elements as far away from my kid as possible.

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